the author

Leo Timogan is a Tagumeno who after a fatal accident that nearly cost him his life decided to go on travelling to places he could only dreamed of. As soon as he recovered, he packed his bags up and dusted off his shoes and began wandering the four conners of this great archephilago.

Using only the humble point and shoot camera that can only deliver as much as it can but misses many moments of his travels, he picked and studied the higher end DSLR camera. When he learned the basics of shutter, apperture and the light's behavior, he could not stop clicking and documenting all his journeys and adventures.

He have met and gained friends on his travels that also shared his passion in capturing breathtaking sceneries; passion in discovering the hidden beauty of this land; and zeal in chronicling all the worthwhile adventures. He is a living testament to the adage:
                                 " Live life as if it's your last"